Nurse Life Care Planning

Nurse Life Care Planning

Our Life Care Plans are created by Registered Nurses with years of experience in the US medical system.  Our Nurse Life Care Plans are developed for individuals needing long-term medical care following an injury or other chronic condition. Our holistic approach ensures that our Life Care Plans are meticulously built to include all aspects of treatment and care.

Methodology for Nurse Life Care Planning


  • Case Intake

  • Medical Record Review

  • Nursing Assessment

  • Physician Collaboration


Following the assessment phase, data is clustered to identify a nursing diagnosis appropriate for planning.

Outcomes, Identification & Planning

Through collaboration with members of the healthcare team, our nurses identify outcomes to optimize the restoration of the injured or chronically ill individual and produce a care plan to meet treatment goals.


Implementation of a life care plan is a fluid process as the life care planning process is dynamic in nature. The life care plan is reassessed and updated as necessary to ensure it continues to accurately fulfill the needs of an injured or chronically ill individual.


Injured and chronically ill individuals will not only go through a nursing evaluation during the production of a life care plan, but they may be routinely re-evaluated throughout their lifetime. This allows the life care plan to be updated as an individual’s condition or circumstances change with time.

Some individuals require a Nurse Case Manager for assistance of implementation of a life care plan throughout the lifespan. The need for Nurse Case Manager is assessed on a case by case basis.

Jenn Craigmyle Nurse Life Care Planner

Jenn Craigmyle

2020 Conference Chair AANLCP

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